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We, ProTec Ingredia GmbH, are specialized in the personal care industry and we supply into Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Austria.



Beautyjagd -

With ProTec Ingredia and Beautyjagd to the origins of cosmetics


  • Behind the Beauty Scenes: A visit to the algae farm
    ProTec Ingredia Proudly Presents: I got up very early this morning. Yes, I did want to catch the beautiful sunrise over the bay of Saint-Malo but today I am also going on a special excursion: right after breakfast I’ll
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  • Behind the beauty scenes: Prologue
    ProTec Ingredia Proudly Presents: It’s evening and I’m standing on the balcony of my hotel looking over the bay of Saint-Malo in Brittanny. What a beautiful sunset. For a moment I marvel at how my passion for beauty has led 
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